Terms of purchase

Terms for purchasing apartments

If you have already chosen the layout in BOSTON Creative House, the next step to buying your dream apartment is to familiarize yourself with the terms of purchase. The sales department will provide you with all the necessary information about payment details, but we also offer you to review the terms of installments:

  • first installment - 30%,
  • term of payments - before the end of construction work,
  • payments in dollars with a flexible exchange rate,
  • period without price increase - 12 months,
  • increase in price - 9.9%.

Installment is a convenient option for those who already want to buy an apartment and distribute payments for the long term. Especially profitable purchase of real estate in BOSTON Creative House at the start of the project. In the initial stages of construction, we have set very nice prices and offer you a wide range of apartment layouts.

Our sales managers will tell you more about the terms of installments. Call the number on the site or send an application and we will be sure to contact you.

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