FAQ: apartment features

Registration, rates and other features of the apartment

The location of BOSTON Creative House, the project concept, is ideal for you. You even looked at the layout of the house and have already read the terms of purchase. However, you don`t quite understand whether to choose this type of property, such as apartments.

We decided to set the record straight and give answers to the questions most often asked by customers to our sales managers, and talk about the features of real estate in BOSTON Creative House.

Apartments are a profitable investment option, as they can be used for short - or long-term rental and for arranging commercial premises. In addition, when buying apartments at the initial stage of construction, we set very pleasant prices, so there is an opportunity to purchase real estate with maximum profit.

If you have any questions about our project, terms of purchase and available layouts in the house, please contact our managers. Sales department address: Bandera Avenue, 14B.

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