FAQ: apartment benefits

You like the location of BOSTON Creative House, the concept of the project is ideal for you, and you have even decided on the layout of the house and have already familiarized yourself with the terms of purchase. But you do not quite understand whether it is worth choosing such a type of property as an apartment.

We decided to answer the questions that clients most often ask our sales managers, and talk about the advantages of real estate in BOSTON Creative House.

What is the difference between an apartment and a flat?

The first and main question - how do apartments differ from flats? Visually, nothing. If we show you the layout in BOSTON Creative House and the layout in our other project, you will not be able to say with certainty where the apartments are and where the flat is.

The apartments have all the conditions for living, and the arrangement of the rooms is not much different from the flat. There is also a day and night area (living room and bedrooms), a kitchen, a bathroom, an entrance hall and summer areas - a balcony, loggia and / or terrace. As for the latter, in BOSTON Creative House the number of such zones has been increased - some layouts provide for five balconies. With this approach, we will immediately debunk the myth that the apartments have bad insolation. Plus, due to the panoramic windows in BOSTON Creative House, the rooms will have enough daylight.

Externally, the apartments look like a spacious apartment in a residential complex, there are all conditions for a comfortable stay and a high level of service.

Is it possible to register in the apartment?

Since 2001, the institution of registration of citizens has been canceled in Ukraine. According to various sources, about 3.5 million people in the country do not live at the place of permanent registration.

Flats belong to residential real estate, apartments - to commercial, non-residential property. You cannot register your permanent residence here, but you can apply for a temporary registration and renew it if necessary. During this time, you can arrange a child in a school or kindergarten, take part in elections, etc.

Is it true that there are fewer requirements for the construction of apartments?

Yes, there are fewer requirements - for the soundproofing of premises, landscaping, the availability of parking spaces, the design of commercial premises where infrastructure facilities can be located. But we set ourselves strict requirements and provide the most comfortable conditions for the residents of the apartments

How does SAGA Development approach the construction of the BOSTON Creative House?

We are building BOSTON Creative House in one of the most beloved districts of Kiev - Obolonskiy, on Bandera Avenue. From here it is convenient to get to any corner of the city. Many offices and head-offices of companies from IT, trade, services are concentrated here, and the nearest metro station "Pochaina" is less than 5 minutes on foot.

Improvement and infrastructure will become a feature of our project. BOSTON Creative House is a multifunctional house with its own infrastructure that will satisfy all the needs of its users. Apartment owners do not need to travel outside their home to visit a cafe, go to a beauty salon, shop or even work in a coworking space.

Перші чотири поверхи ми запроєктували під комерційні приміщення, тож тут знаходитимуться магазини, заклади харчування, офіси. В рамках благоустрою на території BOSTON Creative House з`являться бігові та велодоріжки, баскетбольний майданчик, скейтпарк. Для власників апартаментів буде підземний паркінг, також передбачена наземна парковка. Ще однією перевагою розташування комплексу стане близькість до річки Почайни, вздовж якої облаштують великий парк — з новими зеленими насадженнями, освітленням, очищеними водоймами, пішохідними та велосипедними доріжками, а також велопішохідним мостом і водно-пішохідним тунелем. Саме такий проект благоустрою території переміг на архітектурному конкурсі у 2017 році.

Will the utility bills be higher in the apartment than in the apartment?

Electricity tariffs will be higher, but it is important who concludes the contract with DTEK: if it is a legal entity, the tariffs will be higher, if it is an individual, the tariffs will remain the same as for residents of the housing stock. As for heating costs, if you have your own boiler room, tariffs will not have any relation to the city ones.

Apartments are considered a profitable investment option as they can be used for short or long term rentals, as well as for the arrangement of commercial premises. In addition, when buying apartments at the initial stage of construction, we have set very pleasant prices, so there is an opportunity to purchase real estate with maximum benefit.

If you have questions regarding our project, terms of purchase and layouts in the house, please contact the managers of BOSTON Creative House. Sales department address: Bandera Avenue, 14B.