The main thing about apartments in BOSTON Creative House


What will be the decoration of the walls? Will I be able to redevelop the rooms? In what form are apartments rented at BOSTON Creative House? We answer the most pressing questions of our customers.

Walls and floor

For the construction of BOSTON Creative House, we use monolithic frame technology. Internal walls are laid with a ceramic hollow block with high sound and heat insulation values. The masonry is 250 mm wide, the walls are covered with plaster on top. Thanks to modern construction technology, only the external walls will be load-bearing, so apartment owners can easily re-plan their rooms.

The floor will be filled with 75 mm cement-sand screed. In the bathrooms - a two-layer waterproofing polymer-cement type.

Windows and doors

The apartments will have Rehau windows with a five-chamber profile and a two-chamber energy-saving package. The loggias will be glazed, but the balconies will not. This is enshrined in the design code to prevent breaking the architecture of the house. Also on the balconies there is a storage room for the air conditioner to remove it from the facade.

Doors will be installed on loggias and balconies. The entrance doors to the apartments are made of anti-vandal and fire-resistant materials of the EI30 class, which means a fire resistance limit of 30 minutes. All doors have passed the required checks and comply with building standards.


All the necessary networks are installed in the apartment: water supply, sewerage, heating, ventilation and electrics. The rooms will be equipped with steel panel radiators from Kermi. Before putting the house into operation, the apartments will be equipped with electricity, water, heat meters and a cable system for connecting to an IP intercom.

In BOSTON Creative House, apartments are rented with floor screed and gypsum wall decoration, waterproofing "wet spots", mounted windows and an entrance door, installed communications (water supply, sewerage, heating, ventilation, electricity). If you have any questions regarding the construction of a residential complex, you can contact our managers. We are waiting for you in the sales department at the address: Bandera Avenue, 14-B.

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