Movie theaters, rollerblades and numerous shops: next to the BOSTON Creative House


The BOSTON Creative House is located 5-10 minutes from the most popular places in the City of Kyiv. See for yourself.

The infrastructure of the district around the Pochayna metro station is arranged for the entertainment. Let's start with what will interest not only adults but also children.

First, the “Blockbuster” entertainment center, which has a roller skating rink, many slot machines, children's rooms and the “Planet Cinema” movie theater. And this is not to mention the large number of the shops located in the shopping and entertainment center.

Secondly, it is the Museum of Science and Technology - “Experimentanium”, thanks to which studying physics is a hundred times more interesting than in textbooks.

By the way, about the textbooks. Nowhere in the City of Kyiv will you find the books sold by the second-hand booksellers on the Pochayna. Here you can see the publication in almost any language of the world and any year of issue.

There is a large selection of the specialized shops for creativity on the Pochayna. This can be especially helpful for the parents of the pupils / students which report the need for the fine arts lessons the day before the deadline.

Many clothing and footwear stores for sports, everyday life and holiday outfits close to home are always useful. The closest to the BOSTON Creative House is “Gorodok Gallery”, which is located at the following address: 23, Bandera Avenue, and “Plaza Sport Outlet” at the following address: 20Б, Bandera Avenue. The “Retail Park Pochayna” is about 12 minutes away by the car. And we would like to highlight separately the “IKEA” store, which is located in the “Blockbuster”. Can you imagine how convenient it is for those who have just moved and are arranging their apartments? By the way, “IKEA” is 8 minutes away.

The car showrooms. Such a number of the car showrooms as on the Pochayna cannot be found anywhere else in the city. Great competition has a positive effect on the range and prices.

Would you like to know more about the BOSTON Creative House infrastructure? Visit our sales department to see where the house is located and to familiarize yourself with the designs of its apartments. Our address: 14Б, Bandera Avenue.

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