The magic of the views from the windows: how residents of BOSTON Creative House will see Kiev


Flight planning. What is the first thing we see when we go to the flight search service? Of course, panoramas of European cities.

Often, it is on them that we choose where to fly next time. We do not know who and how chooses such photos, but we are sure that the views from the BOSTON Creative House apartments deserve to be the presentation photos of our project.

The Dnieper harbor and the lake, on the blue or black surface of which the rays of the sun or millions of city lights are reflected. Next to the new park.

Each time such a familiar and such a thousand times sung by poets city will surprise a person who looks through the window of his apartment.

For now, you can verify this online, and follow this link to view the layout of the apartments and get acquainted with the architecture of the house. We have devoted a separate section on the site to the views from the windows, so they are worth it.

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