Installment plan without price increase: buy a parking space under special conditions


Great news for those who have bought or are just going to buy an apartment in BOSTON Creative House - you can purchase a parking space for your car under special conditions.

Until August 31 in our sales department there is an installment plan:

• first installment - 50%,

• payment period - 6 months,

• term without price increase - 6 months.

After purchasing a parking space at BOSTON Creative House, you do not need to think about increasing the price, because it will not change during the entire payment period.

There are 252 standard and family-type parking spaces in the two-level underground parking, so owners of a smart or SUV can easily find the area that is optimal for their car.

For the convenience of residents and guests of the complex, an elevator will operate in the underground parking, therefore, leaving the car, its owner can immediately go up to his floor.

Would you like to buy a parking space at BOSTON Creative House? Please contact our managers at: Bandera Avenue, 14B.

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