Choose special conditions from Saga Claus! Six months or a year of the grace period in installments of 33 months


Let me introduce — Saga Claus! Your personal Santa and expert in the coolest gifts in the world. This year he visited the BOSTON Creative House to present super conditions for buying an apartment. You need just to choose a layout and one of the installment options.

• Making the first payment in the amount of 9% to 30% of the cost of the apartment, the remainder can be paid before the completion of construction. Period without rise in price - 6 months.

• If the initial payment is between 30% and 50%, the price of the apartment will be fixed within 12 months. Payment term - until the completion of construction.

Planning to buy an apartment? Take advantage of special conditions from Saga Claus and plan your life at the BOSTON Creative House.

Our managers are ready to tell you about all the details of the New Year's offer. Sales department address: Stepan Bandera Avenue, 14 B.

The offer is valid until January 31.

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