Underground parking at BOSTON Creative House is your convenient way to store your car


It's cool when everything you need is right in the house. Shops for daily purchases, cafes for delicious breakfasts, an office for work and, of course, a parking lot for convenient and safe storage of the car. At BOSTON Creative House, we have designed a two-level underground parking and thought over every element in its arrangement.

So residents can go down to the parking lot by elevator directly from the floor where their apartments are located. It is not only convenient, but also safe, since the entrance to the elevator is possible only for those who have a special access card.

The underground parking is designed for 274 parking spaces, including standard ones for one car and family ones for two.

Parking spaces are built in compliance with all fire safety requirements. Alarm, smoke detectors, ventilation and fire extinguishing system. Plus round the clock security and video surveillance system. All this will protect the peace of the car owners.

For details on prices and terms of purchase of parking spaces in BOSTON Creative House - in the sales department at the address: Bandera Avenue, 14-B. Visit us, we will be happy to advise you.

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