Smart technologies that will take care of the safety and comfort of BOSTON Creative House residents


One of the features of our project is manufacturability. At BOSTON Creative House, we use innovative smart home systems so that residents can order cleaning for apartments with a few clicks in their mobile phone, watch video from surveillance cameras installed in the local area, or remotely open the door in the entrance if guests come.

Let's consider the components of smart technologies that are provided in our home, and tell you how they will help residents in everyday life.

SFERA mobile application

SFERA is a mobile application created specifically for the residents of BOSTON Creative House. In it, we have collected the main requests that arise from the moment of purchasing an apartment and while living in a house.

Through the mobile application, the owner of the apartment can order repairs, redevelopment of rooms and cleaning after construction work. The application has a moving service, so all questions about organizing and transporting things can be entrusted to a special service.

No less relevant services at the moving stage are furniture assembly and equipment installation. They are also available in the SFERA app.

To solve everyday issues, there are options for furniture repair, regular or one-time cleaning, dry cleaning, water delivery and coffee ordering. If you need to call a plumber or install a water filter, a few clicks in your smartphone and your application will be accepted.

Another convenient application option is the ability to pay for utilities. All meters can be synchronized with SFERA and you can see how much electricity or heat you used for a certain period.

IP intercom

An IP intercom will be installed at the entrance to the house. You can open the door at the entrance through a mobile application or with a special access card, which only owners of apartments will have.

The card gives access to technical rooms, flights of stairs, corridors. You can also take it to your floor in the elevator. To get to another floor, you need to arrange cross-access.

Thanks to such a multi-level security system, no outsider will be able to enter the house or take the elevator to the apartment floor.

Video surveillance system

On the adjoining territory (in the courtyard, playground) and public spaces in the house, CCTV cameras will be installed, synchronized with the SFERA mobile application. While the child is playing on the playground, parents can watch him from the screens of their phones.

Water leakage sensors

To prevent an emergency situation in the event of damage to the tap in the apartment, the BOSTON Creative House has a water leakage system. If moisture gets on the sensor, the resident will receive alerts and will be able to send a signal to the dispatcher, who will cut off the water in the apartment with faulty communication.

Lighting control system

Owners of apartments at BOSTON Creative House will not pay for electricity they do not use. We are in favor of a reasonable consumption of resources, therefore, lighting control sensors will be installed in the hallway and corridors on the floors. They react to movement and sound and reduce the light output in the room when no one is in the room. This significantly saves the energy consumption of the house and the money of its residents.

Want to know more about smart home technology? Ask our managers. Call by phone on the website and visit the sales department at the address: Bandera Avenue, 14-B.

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