At BOSTON Creative House, we embody the concept of a 15-minute city


Have you ever heard of a 15-minute city? This is a very cool concept for planning areas where a resident can reach hospitals, schools, offices, cultural and entertainment venues in 15 minutes on foot or by bike. He does not need to use public transport or his own car, spend time on the road and even get stuck in traffic jams — everything you need within a quarter of an hour's radius from home.

This is exactly the concept we are implementing at BOSTON Creative House and we want to tell you more about it.

The idea of planning areas with 15-minute access to the necessary infrastructure facilities originated in the 20s of the last century. Back then, the American urban planner Clarence Perry proposed to design neighborhoods so that they were convenient for territorial communities. His concept of a quarterly unit was to be implemented in the satellite cities of New York, which at that time were being built to unload the metropolis.

In the middle of the block, only local roads were planned, and along its perimeter there were main lines. Each block should have the necessary public facilities, as well as a park and small recreation areas. Perry believed that with this approach, neighbors would begin to communicate more with each other and create territorial communities. And, although the concept was not fully implemented in areas of New York, it was taken as a basis in many cities in the United States. For example, now in San Francisco, from any house you can reach a park on foot in just 10 minutes.

Another modern city that embodies the concept of 15-minute accessibility is Paris. According to its mayor, Anne Hidalgo, in an ideal city, a resident can walk or bike to a store, school, hospital and even an office. In Paris, harmful transport was banned, pedestrian and bike paths were made along the Seine, and green recreation areas were set up throughout the city. And this is just the beginning of a global plan that is going to change streets, parks and districts.

What are the benefits of 15-minute cities? They solve a number of problems and thereby increase the level of human happiness: first, they reduce travel time and traffic jams, secondly, by giving up cars, they reduce harmful emissions into the atmosphere, and thirdly, they help citizens socialize and maintain relations with their neighbors. Residents of BOSTON Creative House will soon be able to appreciate the benefits of living on these principles.

The complex consists of two houses and a four-story stylobate, where there will be offices, a co-working space, cafes, a kindergarten and various shops. Nearby BOSTON Creative House Pochaina park will be arranged with recreational areas and trails for pedestrians and cyclists.

Apartment owners only need 5-10 minutes in the morning to take their child to kindergarten and get to their workplace, and in the evening go to the store or visit a restaurant. Places for sports and recreation are also nearby — in the courtyard or in the park, which can be reached on foot or by bicycle.

The courtyard of the complex will be free of cars: underground parking and ground parking will be separately built for them. The courtyard is designed exclusively for residents of BOSTON Creative House. The area around the complex, where running and bike paths, a court for sports will be equipped, will be accessible to everyone, so residents of neighboring houses will also be able to appreciate the innovation and convenience of the modern 15-minute city.

Would you like to learn more about our project? Visit the sales department at 14-B Bandery Avenue. Also call the number listed in the site header.

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