How to change the layout of the BOSTON Creative House apartments?


The layouts of apartments in BOSTON Creative House are thought out to the details. Optimal areas, an increased number of balconies, a convenient arrangement of rooms - everything here is created for your comfort and coziness. But sometimes, after buying an apartment, residents may have new requests and a need for redevelopment of rooms. We will tell you how to do it and when this procedure is free.

When can the redevelopment be done?

Thanks to the monolithic-frame technology, it is possible to change the location of the interior walls at any stage of the construction of the complex. This will not in any way affect the integrity of the external reinforced concrete load-bearing structures. But when ordering a redevelopment, it is important to understand the readiness of the house. If the work has already been completed in the complex, you will have to move the walls yourself when renovating the apartment.

How much does the remodeling cost?

The answer depends on the stage of completion of your apartment. When the walls are not yet built, redevelopment can be ordered free of charge. The only caveat: you need to leave a request in the service department at least 30 days before the start of masonry work on the floor. Such a period is necessary for the development of the apartment project and its approval.

The development of a new layout project is free, but adjustments, edits and any changes to the sketch are carried out for an additional fee. The amount is calculated individually.

What is included in the redevelopment estimate?

First, making changes to the redevelopment project. Secondly, the dismantling of the already built walls between the rooms. Third, the construction of new walls.

The cost is calculated separately for each apartment, since the final amount is influenced by how much material we use, how difficult it will be to implement your idea.

We will definitely agree on the cost of the work with you before starting the redevelopment.

What cannot be changed in the layout of the apartment?

There is a list of restrictions in the redevelopment of apartments, which is regulated by building codes and the design code of our complex.

• The supporting structures are something that should not be touched under any circumstances.

• The size and color of the windows also cannot be changed, since it is important that the house has a holistic architectural appearance.

• Ventilation blocks - they must not be removed.

• The glazing of the balconies changes the architectural concept of the house and is contrary to the State Building Regulations.

• Increasing or decreasing bathrooms - changing wet spots can affect lower or upper residential floors.

How to order a redevelopment of an apartment?

If you want to re-plan your apartment, you need to call the service department at (044) 494 04 00 and leave a request to our manager.

The redevelopment specialist, together with the project architect, will draw up a sketch of your apartment and coordinate it with you.

The project manager and chief architect will be sure to check the new layout for compliance with building codes. And only then we make changes to the working documentation and start working in the apartment.

Call the service department and find out if we can implement your idea. Call (044) 494 04 00 or email

Opening hours: Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 18:00.

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