Pochaina Park

Pochaina park

Plantings, fresh air and water — if you still don't associate these words with the Pochaina area, it's time to change your idea. Very soon, the territory along the Pochaina River will turn into a large and green park — with new plantings, lighting, clean water, pedestrian and bicycle paths, bicycle-pedestrian bridge and a water-pedestrian tunnel. It was such a project for the improvement of the territory that the Kyiv City State Administration chose as the winner of the architectural competition in 2017. The authors of the concept of the new park were a team of architects from the NEXT SPACE architectural team — Valentin Uvarov, Vitaly Tkach and Dmitry Kazakov.

The area of ​​the new park will be over 10 hectares. It will occupy the territory along the Pochaina River to Vovkovata Bay between Stepan Bandera Avenue and Elektrikov Street.

For the residents of BOSTON Creative House, who will live next to the Pochaina River and the future park, such an improvement of the territory will provide many opportunities — for walking, recreation and sports.

Territory potential

The Pochaina region has great potential for development. There is a river, lakes, well-developed transport infrastructure, trade and office components. The goal of the new park project is to make the most of these opportunities: to develop new territories, turn the space along the river into a water-green corridor with various functional zones, bicycle and pedestrian routes that will connect Pochaina with other districts of the city.

How the park will change the neighborhood and the city

The description of the project of the new park contains information that it will become "a transforming force in the area of ​​the region." That is, the park will not adapt to the urban area, but will itself change and turn it into a location that harmoniously combines offices, railways, transport and the river.

The project provides for the creation of several entrances to the park: from Verbnaya Street, Yordanskoye Lake with a separate bridge over Bandera Avenue, from the side of Blockbuster shopping and entertainment center and Naberezhno-Rybalskaya Street. Playgrounds and sports zones will be created among the infrastructure facilities. A cafe and a sports equipment rental office will be opened on the embankment. Walking routes with places for recreation, areas for festivals and various events will be arranged along the river. An ice rink will be open in the park in winter.

The park improvement works will take place in two stages. First, they plan to clean up reservoirs, build bicycle and pedestrian routes, make lighting and plant greenery on the territory, and then — to repair hydraulic structures and build bridges for bicycle and pedestrian crossings over Bandera Avenue and a water and pedestrian under it.

Together with future residents, we are waiting for the implementation of the new park project!

Image: NEXT SPACE architectural team

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