Technical characteristics

We are sure that the comfort and coziness of the house depends not only on the right furniture or color scheme in the interior. The main components of comfort and good microclimate in the apartments are convenient planning, reliable double-glazed windows, high-quality heating system, well-thought-out internal networks. This is the approach we use when choosing building materials and designing apartments.
Construction technology
BOSTON Creative House is built on monolithic frame technology. Since only the exterior walls are load-bearing, you can redesign the apartment to your liking.
The walls
Ceramic hollow block M100 is used for the interior walls in the apartment. Marking "M-100" indicates the strength of the material: 1 cm² of brick can withstand a load of 100 kg. The material also has high rates of sound and heat insulation, and with a relatively light weight, it reduces the load on the house. For the construction of walls, we use reinforced masonry with a width of 250 mm. Apartments are rented without plaster walls. Internal inter-corridor walls are laid with plastic molded ceramic bricks with the same marking — "M-100".
For all apartments in BOSTON Creative House, we have chosen the windows of the German manufacturer Rehau. They have excellent thermal insulation properties, due to which in the cold season the rooms will be kept warm, and heating bills will not scare you with their exorbitant amount. The windows have a five-chamber profile and a two-chamber energy-saving glass unit.
At BOSTON Creative House, safety comes first, therefore, all apartments will have shockproof and vandal-proof entrance doors with fire resistance class EI 30 (EI30 marking indicates a fire resistance limit of 30 minutes). Doors of this type have been tested in accordance with the requirements of standards of Ukraine.
The floor in the apartments is filled with 75 mm thick cement-sand screed. For bathrooms, a two-layer polymer-cement type waterproofing is used, and the joints are specially glued with a sealing tape from the Ceresit manufacturer.
How will the apartments be commissioned?
After putting the object into operation, the apartments are being commissioned with a poured screed on the floor, waterproofing “wet spots”, mounted windows, an entrance door and a door on the balcony. Also, networks have been brought into the premises (drainage, sewerage, heating, ventilation, power supply). For heating the apartments, Kermi steel panel radiators with bottom connection are installed.